DIY Bathroom Remodels. Remodels Made Easy

Diy Bathroom remodels can save you hundreds of dollars.

Wouldn’t it feel great to wake up in the morning and walk into an amazing bathroom, complete with designer cabinets, fresh new walls, and beautiful ceramic floor tiles?

A freshly remodeled bathroom actually has the ability to make you feel much happier and can possibly help you get the day started in a much better fashion.

When you walk into your bathroom and you don’t get that refreshing feeling when you step through the door, Then it may be time for remodeling your bathroom with a fresh new design and layout.

Not every bathroom is the same. Some are extremely old and outdated and really need to be brought into the 21st century while others are simply in need of some fresh paint, floor tile, some caulk and maybe some new cabinets. You can opt for a new medicine cabinet, vanities, some new over the mirror light fixture and maybe a new shower door.

You can give your bathroom a complete remodeling and implement all of the cosmetic changes you want that will give your bathroom the fresh look and feel you would love to walk into every day and you can start right here.
You can always go to a remodeling expert to design the new look and restructure it from the inside, but it will come at a premium cost. The experts do a thorough walkthrough of your bathroom and look at aspects like structural stability and durability when coming up with a remodeling plan. However, your cash would get quite a bit smaller or your credit billings larger. It may be best to go the cheaper way and do it yourself.

Save Your hard earned money:

You can remodel the bathroom yourself, with the plumber and handymen in you, everyone has more ability to tackle these task then they are aware of. You can take on the job of the bathroom remodel and do it yourself, step by step.

This method can prove cost effective, but can wear you out, due to the physical stress required to do the job. If you have a few family members and friends to help out, that is always a plus.

Simple DIY Bathroom Remodels

Various styles include tile placements, plumbing tear outs, wall pull downs, and fittings and fixtures. Based on your versatility, you can choose whatever modules you can do it yourself and leave the rest to the experts. Remember, things have to be mixed and matched properly. Some people like to go wild with their color choices, mixing different colors to make a statement. Others want it simple with matching colors.

Focus on what you need to change first so that you can start bathroom remodeling on your own. Your bathroom remodeling plan needs to make the bathroom look larger and spacious. Try and get your ideas down on paper, making a list specifying what you want to change out is a good start. Measure to see how much material you will need for flooring and wall decor.

Look at what needs to be replaced:

What do you want to replace when you’re remodeling your bathroom? is it a faucet or shower head? Or do you want to change the knobs? You can start replacing them one by one.

DIYTile work:

Your bathroom will probably be in need of some new tiles that fit in better with your home décor. If you can cut tiles, you can do this part of the project yourself.
All you really need to do is Measure the bathroom floor.

Length times width will give you the number of square feet, which is how you will purchase the floor tile, By the square foot.

You don’t have to put new tile under your new vanity, as nobody will ever see under there and it would be a waste of material. However, you will need to make sure that you put the new tile underneath the toilet. This is not as bad as it may sound.

Once you have decided on the tile you want to use, You can rent or buy a tile saw.

Tile Saw

Do Not , Just run out and buy the cheapest Tile Saw you can find. You will regret that move. The saw you buy or rent needs to have a sliding table and a fence so you can cut nice straight lines. The best tile saw is going to be Ideal for remodeling your bathroom and making all of the precise cuts that you will need to make to fit around the vanity and the tub / shower enclosure.

The Remodeling plan itself:

You will want to have a pretty good picture in your mind , of how you want the bathroom to look before you start tearing things apart.

My wife had already picked out the new toilet she wanted, it’s one of the comfort height toilets that conserves  water when you flush it.

All I had to do was plan the order of work so I only unhooked and reset the new toilet One time. Actually, I had most of the tile cut to size before I ever unhooked the toilet. Focus on what you feel comfortable with doing first, start small and get your feet wet a little bit at a time. Diy Bathroom Remodels are not as intimidating as you probably think they are.

Asking for help:

It’s never a bad idea to ask for some DIY Bathroom Remodels Project Information before you get things started.

DIY Bathroom Remodels do not have to be an overwhelming task! Bathroom remodeling ideas can be found almost anywhere you look. From driving down the street and seeing billboards to looking at your local newspaper. Bathroom design ideas are every where.

diy bathroom remodels

bathroom remodeling tub faucet install

Over the last 12 to 15 years, I have built new homes, and Remodeled three of my own. Bathroom remodeling isn’t as bad as some of the stories that you have probably heard.

Even the smallest Bathroom Upgrades can enhance the appearance of your most used room in the house.

Besides The kitchen remodels, Bathroom Remodeling is the number two renovation people choose to make.

Once you have decided that you want to do a bathroom remodel, all you really need to do is Look around and find out what kind of bathroom design you really like and then decide how big of a bathroom remodel budget you are comfortable with.

Bathroom Remodeling Dimension Bible

dimension Does Matter, get your copy for under $20.00

dimension bible 1

The questions that every person who has ever remodeled or built anything has had; “Where do I install this, How high do I mount this? Where does this go, How do I calculate the material needed?”
These questions and more just like them have puzzled remodelers and DIYers for ages.
Author John Knoelk aka “Contractor John”doesn’t believe these questions should stop you from undertaking your project, or completing it in a professional manner.
Building or remodeling a home or a room is something worth accomplishing, and he wants to be there for you every step of the way.
In his new reference book, The Dimension Bible for the Remodeler and Do-it-Yourselfer, John presents readers with an all-inclusive building guide that goes from the inside out of building and remodeling. Whether it is creating that stylish, but functional, kitchen, to how to develop the most practical driveway, John answers every question of the reader through charts, measurements and a general insight in an understandable way.

Do it yourself or DIY as they call it, makes you think outside the box:

  • Figure out what kind of bathroom upgrades you would like to see. Do you have a contemporary taste, or is it more of a traditional type?
  • Before you start any of the bathroom demolition, you need to sit down and think about the end result that you want to accomplish.
  • Do you want to install new bathroom tile on the floor?
  • Will a simple replacement of a new shower door achieve the result that you want?


Check back soon for more updates and tips.

Click Here to get most all of your questions answered before you start your DIY Bathroom Remodels.

Your bathroom ideas that include new walk in shower designs with a new bathroom vanity and bathroom cabinets will give you a luxury bathroom that will not just make you feel great about your space, but your guest will be impressed also by your bathroom renovations ideas.

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